Foundation School
For Children
Where your child’s dreams are molded and built
with a firm foundation.
Mission and Vision

Firm Foundation School for Children is committed to meet your children’s developmental needs in three primary elements of education through academic competencies in core subjects as pillars for future success;through social and personality development as preparation as preparation for leadership responsibilities; and through Christian values formation as foundation


Goals and Objectives

The general curriculum and teaching method of Firm Foundation School are expounded with reference to the three pillars of education system:

* Academic excellence based on mastery and technology-based learning.
* Character Building based on Christian values and discipline,
* Personality and


Program Philosophy

The uniqueness of every child is central in all the developmental thrust of FFSC. An “understanding of what a child is” and being aware of the unique needs and demands of each stage of development provide the very core values for crafting FFSC’s programs and curriculum.

As an early education development center, FFSC subscribes to a “holistic


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